"Lies are like children: they’re hard work, but it’s worth it because the future depends on them."

Princess Leia bikini.  I mean seriously, is there anything else hotter than a girl who can pull that off?  I only bring that up now as a tribute to the greatness that is the original trilogy.  Well….and because I just was exposed to this video:  Galactic Empire State of Mind  

Although I have to admit and maybe its my predilection as a someone in the health care field, I’m a sucker for a naughty nice nurse outfit.  It’s kinda weird working at a hospital in that way.  I mean, its kinda sad now that its almost become a reflex now immediately upon noticing a cute girl, to check out her left hand for one of those sparkly circles of notification letting me know of my chances and lack thereof.   And let me tell you, the health care field feels like second semester senior year of college at a small religious school times ten.  Anyone else know what I mean??  
Every other person is already got that ring on the finger and if they don't they're "serious" with someone already.  That's the thing though.  I mean as I age (GASP) the relative ability to discern the specific age of those of a shorter lifespan becomes more vague.  Age (and therefore hopefully maturity) becomes less of an issue as one becomes older but right now I'm definitely at the point of where if she can't use a real ID to get into the bar, I have no interest.  I want a girl that I bring home to mommy, who knows how to act proper, but one who isn't afraid to get dirty, not a drama high maintenance beauty queen. 
Most people are familiar with the phrase that "the past is told by those who win."  I think this applies to relationships, especially the failed ones.  How many times have I had to to paraphrase the way things went down either to myself in order to convince myself that I did or chose the right thing.  Or how bout the girl on the other side explaining her side of the situation?  Hasn't everyone who's had a failed relationship at some point tried to put the spin on it to make themselves look the better coming out of it?
I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school, never going, ever showing up when we had to.  I'm sick of always hearing act your age.  And I'm not just saying that because its a lyric from a popular song. 
 Eh, so much for my happy ending.   My unicorn isn’t a unicorn.  It’s a donkey with a plunger stuck to its head.  It could be a cold night for a lifetime.   
 Gosh, I'm starting to sound so emo.  I better snap out of it and soon.  I think I'd rather talk more about the things in the first two paragraphs instead. . that is unless people prefer to talk about bitter ex's and relationships.    But seriously, there's this.  Doesn't that make life just a little happier now...or at least make you want to get your car washed?

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